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Imagine cruising on your own private yacht with friends and family to some of the greatest snorkiling spots in the Caribbean. When your snorkeling in St. Thomas it's always a good idea to charter to charter your own boat so that you can get the best of what the Caribbean has to offer.
St John VI has great snorkelingSt. Thomas VI with schools of fishClear visibility when snorkeling St. Thomas VI Snorkelers are awed by the fish in St. John VI  



"Worldwide, coral reefs are fast disappearing. They are slow-growing and vulnerable to pollution, sedimentation, overfishing, warming of the seas, and boat damage. Because corals thrive only in a narrow range of conditions, biologists see their plight as a planetary danger signal. " So it is with great care and respect for the coral reefs that we share them with you.


The Virgin Islands hosts some of the finest marine gardens in the Caribbean Sea. we have acres of coral reef whose ecosystem support a large variety of animal and under water floral species.
Snorkelers can enjoy a leisurely swim in the crystal clear waters, diving through fantastic reefs to witness tropical marine life. St. Thomas VI and St John VI host a variety of snorkeling locations and famous underwater trails. Both novice and expert snorkelers will enjoy the passages through and over the reefs. Our private yacht charters to for snorkeling St. Thomas specializes in getting you to see the best of what the Virgin Islands have to offer.

Below is our featured yachts, 32ft LOA. This yacht comes complete with large swim platform, down stairs salon, full bathroom with shower, plenty of sun area and biminy top for shade. All our charters come stocked with water, soft drinks and an assortment of adult beverages.
St. Thomas VI boat interiorSnorkeling St. Thomas with stylegetting to snorkeling spots in St. John VI


Welcome to Snorkeling in St. Thomas a division of Do it in Style Charters which was started with you the guest in mind!

When it comes to private snorkeling trips in St. John VI or St. Thomas VI we have got you covered. We cater to guests who want to discover paradise at sea. Offering 1st class service, knowledgeble captains, and a memorable experience all aboard your own private yacht.

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3 Island snorkel trips from $100.00 per person including snorkel gear and drinks too

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We specialize in taking our guests away from the hustle and bustle of hectic tourist spots and integrating them into beautiful hand picked snorkeling spots and destinations in the British and U.S. Virgin Islands including St. Thomas VI and St. John VI. We are dedicated to bringing you the best in excursions at sea.

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